About me

Hi there! I'm a Frontend Developer and UI Designer based in Prague, Czech Republic. I have a passion for creating web projects that are performant, user friendly and beautiful at the same time. I love delivering high quality projects.

If you're looking for a Senior UI Developer to help you take your project to the next level, I'd love to get in touch to discuss how we can work together.

My signature is minimalism and attention to detail.

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Core skillset

Discover the proficiencies that allow me to bring your idea to life.

Frontend Development

Frontend development is my favourite area of work where I apply my programming skills as well as my sense of aesthetics and functional, human-centered design.

Graphic and UI Design

I am skilled in developing UI design using robust design systems, as well as cohesive brand identities including logos and brand guidelines for both electronic and print use.

Design systems

I am proficient in designing and implementing effective design systems that ensure visual and functional consistency across a variety of digital platforms.


I like to write pure HTML / CSS, but I also have extensive experience with various design frameworks such as Tailwind, Ant Design, Material UI, Base Web, and others.

TypeScript / JavaScript

TypeScript is the main language I work with every day and I write most of my code in it. The dynamic nature of JavaScript along with the type safety of TypeScript is a great combo.

Vue.js / Nuxt.js

My current frontend framework of choice for most web projects ranging from small content-based websites to large frontend applications including server-side rendering (SSR).

React / Next.js

React and the Next.js framework are the tools I have written the most projects with, covering everything from dynamic presentations to large corporate admin environments.


I am proficient with Sketch for Mac, but since Figma got into the world of UI collaboration, I have completely switched over to it for UI work and working on design systems.

Affinity Suite

Although I have a lot of experience with Adobe Suite, I left it a few years ago and switched completely to Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for most of my graphics work.


Find out what others have said about their experience of working with me.

"Tomáš was a principal developer of our new mobile and desktop web experience. He has a solid technical background. His engineering skills go far enough to be able to steer the whole team in the right direction. He is able to think strategically and propose new solutions that help in the long run, not only immediately. He creates robust solutions, thinking about the architecture of the whole application."

Ondřej Bouda ImageOndřej BoudaFoodora / DámeJídlo.cz

"Tomáš is extremely well organized and works very efficiently on multiple project at the same time. His determination to solve problems and his knowledge in his field makes him a valuable asset to our Web Development team."

Richard Barry ImageRichard BarryAVG Technologies

"I strongly recommend Tomáš for advanced frontend development roles. After working together on challenging projects at Socialbakers, his knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React and Vue.js stood out. Tomáš brings a proactive approach, keeps up-to-date with industry trends and consistently delivers quality work on time. Tomáš' positive vibes and great communication skills really make the team click. Without a doubt, he would rock any frontend development job."

Erik Pach ImageErik PachEmplifi / Socialbakers

"Tomáš and his team, together with ours, worked on the development of a complex IoT service and maintenance solution for two and a half years. Tomáš' value contribution goes far beyond UI design and technical management. His pragmatic approach to agile development, problem-solving skills, and solution orientation also helped our company transform its culture and processes. Plus, Tomáš always delivers as promised."

David Grundel ImageDavid GrundelEledio — The World of Smart Things

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