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Hi there! I'm a Frontend Developer and UI Designer based in Prague, Czech Republic. I have a passion for creating web projects that are performant, user friendly and beautiful at the same time. I love delivering high quality projects.

If you're looking for a Senior UI Developer to help you take your project to the next level, I'd love to get in touch to discuss how we can work together.

My signature is minimalism and attention to detail.

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Core skillset

Discover the proficiencies that allow me to bring your idea to life.

Frontend Development

Frontend development is my favourite area of work where I apply my programming skills as well as my sense of aesthetics and functional, human-centered design.

Graphic and UI Design

I am skilled in developing UI design using robust design systems, as well as cohesive brand identities including logos and brand guidelines for both electronic and print use.

Design systems

I am proficient in designing and implementing effective design systems that ensure visual and functional consistency across a variety of digital platforms.


I like to write pure HTML / CSS, but I also have extensive experience with various design frameworks such as Tailwind, Ant Design, Material UI, Base Web, and others.

TypeScript / JavaScript

TypeScript is the main language I work with every day and I write most of my code in it. The dynamic nature of JavaScript along with the type safety of TypeScript is a great combo.

Vue.js / Nuxt.js

My current frontend framework of choice for most web projects ranging from small content-based websites to large frontend applications including server-side rendering (SSR).

React / Next.js

React and the Next.js framework are the tools I have written the most projects with, covering everything from dynamic presentations to large corporate admin environments.


I am proficient with Sketch for Mac, but since Figma got into the world of UI collaboration, I have completely switched over to it for UI work and working on design systems.

Affinity Suite

Although I have a lot of experience with Adobe Suite, I left it a few years ago and switched completely to Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for most of my graphics work.

Work experience

Senior Frontend Developer
Gen Digital / Avast Software

2021 - Present
Prague, Czech Republic

I have developed several projects under the Gen™ umbrella. The most challenging was the development of Avast Account portal, a one-stop solution for managing user accounts, subscriptions and orders. Together with my team, we turned this niche application into a major revenue stream with personalised e-commerce and other revenue-generating components. Other major projects I worked on included the implementation of a corporate design system for the CCleaner corporate website and the development of a marketing messaging extension for the Avast Secure Browser.

Vue.jsNuxt.jsReactNext.jsTypeScriptJavaScriptTailwindVite.jsParcelFigmaDesign Systems

Frontend Developer / UI Designer

2020 - Present
Prague, Czech Republic

I co-founded TemplarStudio with my brother Martin as an umbrella brand for a group of like-minded developers and designers. Together we have helped several startups with their design and development needs to enable their fast-paced growth. The projects I have been involved in as an UI designer and frontend developer were Eledio.com — an unique and fast-growing IoT platform (smart pool management, smart EV charger etc.); Venzeo™ — a platform for communication between dispatchers and field staff with photo-based evidence; and UlovDomov.cz — a rapidly expanding real estate rental marketplace and property management platform.


Frontend Developer
Trezor / SatoshiLabs

2020 - 2021
Prague, Czech Republic

As a frontend developer, I helped SatoshiLabs develop a complete overhaul of the Trezor Suite, a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency management application that is a companion to the Trezor hardware wallet. I have been working on a React-based application with web and desktop build targets with a strong focus on UX, privacy and security. This project is completely open source, so you can also take a look at my approved pull requests.


Senior Frontend Developer
Foodora / DameJidlo.cz

2018 - 2020
Prague, Czech Republic

At DameJidlo, my main focus was development of a web frontend experience for the food delivery app — DameJidlo.cz (now Foodora). I also worked on a serverless data processing service that helped to serve live delivery information (such as courier location) to the user app.


Software Engineer

2017 - 2018
Prague, Czech Republic

As a software engineer I was primarily responsible for the development of the marketing segmentation module, which is an integral part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM system. I also developed extensions of the Unified Client — a frontend layer used across whole Dynamics CRM system. A large portion of my time at Microsoft was spent on creating automated tests using Cypress.io and other tooling.


Frontend Developer
Emplifi / Socialbakers

2015 - 2017
Prague, Czech Republic

My role at SocialBakers was the frontend development of custom, visually appealing data dashboards (command centers) with a particular attention to animation, smooth transitions and data richness. These interactive dashboards were tailor-made for each client and I had the opportunity to work directly with big brands such as Lexus, Vodafone, Toyota, Desigual, Nestlé, Lenovo, McDonald's, or even personally visit the headquarters of L'Oréal in Paris.


Software Developer

Prague, Czech Republic

My dual role involved not only the creative and technical aspects of frontend development for a client in the engineering industry using the Angular framework, but also a commitment to building a comprehensive automated testing framework. This approach was key in enhancing the reliability of the software solution, which contributed significantly to the overall success and efficiency of the project. This experience allowed me to explore in depth the complexities associated with both frontend development and creating a resilient testing infrastructure, which fostered a holistic understanding of software engineering principles.

HTML / CSSAngular.jsBootstrapJavaScriptjQuerySpecflowC#Selenium

Web Development Supervisor
AVG Technologies

Prague, Czech Republic

In my leadership role at AVG Technologies, I spearheaded an agile team, overseeing two direct reports who specialized in frontend web development. Beyond my managerial responsibilities, I provided technical support and acted as a frontend consultant for other team members, contributing to the overall success of web delivery projects. Additionally, I managed the administration of various Content Management Systems (CMS), including AVG's in-house PHP-based CMS, Adobe CQ5, and Typo3.

HTML / CSSJavaScriptjQueryMentoring

Senior Web Developer
AVG Technologies

2012 - 2014
Prague, Czech Republic

As a Senior Web Developer I specialized in frontend web development, actively contributing to the implementation of AVG checkout's Bootstrap-based frontend. Proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery, I demonstrated expertise in responsive and mobile web development. My responsibilities also included the upkeep of AVG in-application marketing content, managing banners, toasters, and related elements.

HTML / CSSJavaScriptjQueryPHPNette

Web Developer
AVG Technologies

2009 - 2012
Prague, Czech Republic

At AVG Technologies, I focused on web development, coding accessible HTML email campaigns and creating engaging campaign landing pages. My technical expertise included strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Nette templates. I played a key role in improving data analysis capabilities through the implementation of tracking scripts, particularly Omniture. In addition, I spearheaded initiatives to optimize frontend website speed, ensure an efficient user experience, and prioritize accessibility while aligning development practices with inclusive design principles.

HTML / CSSJavaScriptjQueryPHPNetteOmniture

HTML Coder / Graphic Designer
LMC / Jobs.cz

2008 - 2009
Bratislava, Slovak Republic

The main focus of my role at LMC was the creation of HTML/CSS and JavaScript based templates and the implementation of direct email campaigns. In addition, using my background in graphic and motion design, I was also involved in the creation of visually appealing banners and videos for use on our main website. My responsibilities also extended to the production of PR and advertising materials, contributing to the overall brand image. I also played an important role in the maintenance of company websites such as Jobs.cz and Prace.cz and was responsible for the creation of HR career sites for esteemed clients such as Skoda, IBM, Microsoft, DHL, Heineken, Dell, T-Mobile, Hays, Grafton or Zentiva.

HTML / CSSJavaScriptjQueryAdobe PhotoshopAdobe Illustrator

Graphic Designer
LL studio

Bratislava, Slovak Republic

At LL studio I was involved in creative graphic design for print and electronic use and showed a talent for visual aesthetics. In addition, I held an vital role in post-production and photo retouching, ensuring high quality deliverables for our architectural clients. My responsibilities also extended to pre-press and desktop publishing (DTP), where I contributed to the seamless preparation of materials for print. In addition, I also worked as a part-time HTML / CSS coder. This multi-faceted experience has enhanced my ability to contribute to various phases of the design and production process in a marketing business.

HTML / CSSPHPjQueryAdobe PhotoshopAdobe Illustrator3D Studio MAX


Bachelor's degree in Applied Informatics
University of Finance and Administration
Prague, Czech Republic

2012 - 2015

Final thesis — Online Photo Editor based on Angular.js framework

Further education

Vue.js 3 Masterclass Training

Total TypeScript Training by Matt Pocock

JavaScript Mastery

Programming in Pure Data
ZVUK — Open Media Lab
Prague, Czech Republic


Functional Music and Sound Design
Prague, Czech Republic


Diploma in Photography
Shaw Academy


Find out what others have said about their experience of working with me.

"Tomáš was a principal developer of our new mobile and desktop web experience. He has a solid technical background. His engineering skills go far enough to be able to steer the whole team in the right direction. He is able to think strategically and propose new solutions that help in the long run, not only immediately. He creates robust solutions, thinking about the architecture of the whole application."

Ondřej Bouda ImageOndřej BoudaFoodora / DámeJídlo.cz

"Tomáš is extremely well organized and works very efficiently on multiple project at the same time. His determination to solve problems and his knowledge in his field makes him a valuable asset to our Web Development team."

Richard Barry ImageRichard BarryAVG Technologies

"I strongly recommend Tomáš for advanced frontend development roles. After working together on challenging projects at Socialbakers, his knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React and Vue.js stood out. Tomáš brings a proactive approach, keeps up-to-date with industry trends and consistently delivers quality work on time. Tomáš' positive vibes and great communication skills really make the team click. Without a doubt, he would rock any frontend development job."

Erik Pach ImageErik PachEmplifi / Socialbakers

"Tomáš and his team, together with ours, worked on the development of a complex IoT service and maintenance solution for two and a half years. Tomáš' value contribution goes far beyond UI design and technical management. His pragmatic approach to agile development, problem-solving skills, and solution orientation also helped our company transform its culture and processes. Plus, Tomáš always delivers as promised."

David Grundel ImageDavid GrundelEledio — The World of Smart Things

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