Friends call me “Tomexx”

I'm a front-end developer, but with the heart of a graphic designer.
Or is it rather vice versa? I don't know…

Meet the web guy

So this is me… my real name is Tomáš Lištiak. I come from Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, but I am based in Prague, Czech Republic.

I operate at the three main fields — graphic design, web development and photography. You can read more about my work or you can jump directly to my portfolio.

About me

I love all kinds of art and I like to surround myself with good people. I wear white tees and black hoodies, I don't eat Brussels sprouts and sometimes I am “too honest”. And I hate betrayal too. You know… my life has given me a lot of lessons.

TV is a brainwashing tool for me and I don't own one. Instead of watching TV I read a lot. My flat is cluttered with art and architecture books, but also masterpieces from the literary greats such as George Orwell or Karel Čapek have their special places in the bookshelf.


Freelancing is just a part of my professional career. I gained my experience by working for companies such as AVG Technologies, Socialbakers, LMC and others.

To see my full CV, visit my LinkedIn profile.

I equally appreciate working on a team of skilled and friendly people as well as being highly focused working on my own. The right balance between the two is the key to professional and personal growth.

Free time

In my spare time I either ride my XC bike or I sit in my home studio where I produce electronic beats.

I spend most of my time in a lovely city of Prague. My most favourite places in Prague are Náplavka riverside and music clubs like Roxy, Cross Club or Storm Club.

If you have not had enough of me already, you can stay in touch choosing from a variety of options.

My lovely projects

So you already know, I've got a lot of books and stuff but have you already seen my portfolio? Examples of the interesting projects I realized are gathered on the portfolio page.

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