Music production and DJing

Listening to music is an ultimate inspiration source.
I feel awesome when I can interact with it too.

Rock on!

I literally live with music, it's always on. I love a lot of music styles including nu-metal, hip-hop. drum and bass or alternative electronic music. But there is a special place in my heart reserved for electronic dance music styles such as trance, progressive/tech house and deep house.

A couple of years ago, my passion for music transformed me and gave me a new role. I started with DJing and electronic music production. I wanted to promote wonderful music from talented producers and vocalists.

Deeper Levels is all about deep bass lines in a slower tempo. Deep and thoughtful songs are blended with quality dance melodies and broken beats are mixed with the flat ones. The true club experience.

State of Consciousness series consist of various songs from diverse electronic music styles. Every set is compiled to carry a specific mood. Some mixes are more cheerful and inviting listeners to dance while others are deeper, thoughtful and mind-opening.

You can listen to my sets here on this page or you may also visit my Mixcloud profile and give them a try there.

There are also a few songs (unfinished ideas in most cases) from my own production at my SoundCloud profile page. As a music producer I am an amateur, but maybe you will like a tune or two.

If you are on Spotify, you can follow my public Spotify playlists. I update these now and then, always only with the best music.

Do you want to see me at your club?

I hate dividing music to mainstream and underground. I only distinguish between good and bad music. And I play the good stuff. In my mixes I tend to shuffle genres such as trance, progressive house, tech-house, deep house and minimal.

I only do digital DJing and at performance I use my own digital DJ setup (currently Native Instruments Traktor S2 + Traktor F1 in a combination with Apple MacBook Pro).

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Enjoying the music?

Music production is my passion as much as design and front-end coding are.
I yearn for the interesting projects. Let's make them top-class together.

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